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About All Kids Moving Forward

All Kids Moving Forward Inc. is the brainchild of two young brothers (Lucien and Ansel). When Lucien was just five years old, he was diagnosed with Perthes (also known as Legg-Calvé-Perthes) a rare condition of the hip that only affects children. At first, he was told to immediately go on crutches and seize all sporting activity including soccer and tennis which he enjoyed. After his parents were told that surgery was necessary, and that Lucien would be unable to walk for several months during the recovery they decided to get a second opinion.  Thankfully they were able to meet one of the foremost Perthes specialists in the country who happened to be in Manhattan and only an hour away from their Connecticut home.


As the chief of pediatric orthopedic surgery, he advised that early detection was beneficial to long term recovery and recommended nonsurgical treatment of the hip dysplasia. His approach was to do away with the crutches and focus on both mind and body by taking on low impact sports such as swimming, fencing and water polo. The idea being that while allowing for the hip to heal and regenerate by avoiding high impact activities, Lucien could also focus on range of motion thru low impact sports and physical therapy. Not only would he be helping his body but also his mind by staying active thru low impact sports that he quickly came to enjoy and love. Fast forward a few years and Lucien is well on the road to recovery and continues to enjoy fencing, swimming and water polo, while also playing soccer and tennis again.


Lucien and Ansel (who is also a fencer, soccer and tennis player) decided that every kid overcoming a medical condition or any challenge in their life should have the opportunity to benefit and enjoy sports just as Lucien was able to do so. Especially since sports are not only beneficial to the body but also to overall mental health and can provide opportunities for many children that seek out a better and healthier life. With this in mind, All Kids Moving Forward was established to advance sports activity thru scholarships for children from all over the world that are overcoming medical conditions and other challenges in their life. Although the charity initially focused on low impact sports such as fencing, swimming, water polo, and sailing it has since grown and now provides scholarships toward any sporting activity including soccer, tennis and golf that can benefit children overcoming medical conditions and other challenges in their life. At the end of the day, when the mind and body work together any obstacle can be conquered. 

Our Goals

Advance Sports Activities for Kids Overcoming Medical Conditions and Other Challenges in Their Life

Increase Partnerships and Raise Awareness to Help as Many Kids as Possible Around the World

Showcase the Benefits of Sports for Kids Overcoming Medical Conditions and Other Challenges in Their Life

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